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Heather, I can't believe your prices are so affordable. You do AMAZING work! I thought you would have been in the $500-$600 range.
I have a question though. The release of copyright, is that just for the 15-20 images or all images taken? Also, is there a way to pay extra to get all the photos/proofs, not just the 15-20. And could it be cheaper to get them unedited?(Even though your editing is FABULOUS! I just thought this option might be more cost effective.)
We need family pictures and were going to pay $150. I never knew we could get your talent at close to the same cost. I'm really excited! Thank you.


How do I get in contact with you to schedule a appt? Have you had your "first two" schedule a appt. yet to get the 60.00 discount?

Thank you!

Erin Koch

Heather- your pics are beautiful- wish we lived closer- Missouri might be a big of a drive for family portraits! You are definetly using your God given talents girl!


I too would like to book a session with the discount. How do I do that? Having you take our family would be so awesome! I love all the examples you have available :)


Can you email me? I was going to see if you can take engagement pictures for my cousin. They are going to the Y. Thanks.
tucson, AZ

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