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Lisa Johnson

I've been reading your blog for years & years (way back before you were divorced). As a divorced single Mama myself, I just ♥ reading about the precious relationship that you & Jeff share. It gives me hope that I can someday find someone that makes me as happy as he's made you (and your 2 sweet kids). Thanks for sharing on Facebook & your blog. Also, a HUGE HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics from the big day. :)


Congrats!!! I've been a long time reader of your blog so long I don't even know but before your adventures as a single mom and back in your scrap booking days. So excited for you and your family to begin this new chapter!


Oh I am SO happy for you both. Wish I was there to give my congrats in person. I will be thinking of you!

Pamela K.

So happy for you both, too! Cannot wait to see the blog post about your special day! Wishing you both much happiness and multiple blessings!

Violet Rogers

I'm very excited for you also. I, too, have been reading your blog from way back in the scrapbooking days. I've followed your journey through a lot of ups and downs. I wish you many blessings in the days ahead. It is so wonderful to read about the special love you & Jeff share.

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