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Hey Heather, you're talking about Inner Beauty, the lesson/activity we had last night for our YW Mutual Activity.
Check it out...


I am already ready for the I will try to get you an "underneath it all" photo tonight...but Heather, I have to say---even without makeup or "done-up" hair...I think you are so gosh darn beautiful! Seriously, I know as women we get that from time to time...we didn't do our hair that day or we don't have mascara on and we seem to get excessive compliments, but it is what it is and you are gorgeous! You look so young and fresh and carefree. I like that :)

Brittany Johnson

I love that post thank you for that great reminder, it is a struggle sometimes. You look beautiful without any makeup. Thanks for your comment I hate that I missed bunco I look forward to it every month. Thanks for being a great friend!

Ellen Patton

My underneath it all is basically how I look every day except for a bit of blush and lipstick. I don't even own a blow dryer and I haven't used a comb or brush in over a decade. And I never use cream rinse or whatever it's called these days. Basically, what you see is what you get with me (and I love my curly hair). :)


awesome heather you are beautiful anyway plus its whats inside that counts and we already know how beautiful you are inside!! Love this post might have to do that one of these days. Am I as brave as you though?? have a great weekend ttys


Great post! You are looking good girl! I will have to do this tomorrow! i will link you when I do! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

Amy N.

Heather, you're a BEAUTIFUL girl "underneath it all"! :) Have a GREAT day! ((Hugs))

Lynn C.

Heather, your beauty honestly radiates from your core on out. Everyday! Truly.
I have know some people who were so done up and would be considered "beautiful" in the media's eyes, but I can honestly say they are some of the ugliest people on the earth because of their mean and selfish personalities.
And I hate to say "Ugly" cause we are all God's children and I hate to judge.....but honestly, I have no other word for it.
It just goes to show me that beauty truly comes from beneath.
I loved this post! It's fun and it made me think.

heidi larsen

you look great without makeup! i would NEVER post a picture of me without makeup. not brave enough. :)


I think you look beautiful! Seriously. I do not like edited pictures, I think for the most part they look fake and the coloring on faces is too pastey or whatever. Makes them look like barbi dolls with unnatural skin. But this picture of you. You just look like a lovely young lady, like a real person. Thanks for this post it got me thinking.


Every post you make is thoughtful. You look fabulous! You hot mamma!


Wow Heather, you look beautiful. If you look at my blog on August 26, that's me, underneath it all, no makeup is how I go in the summer. It's really hot in Louisiana and there's no point in wearing it here. I don't have time to post a new photo, we're preparing for Hurricane Gustav and I'm just too tired. I love the idea though. More people should do this. I think you look great without makeup and even with the wet hair. :D


Thanks for the thoughtful post, Heather. You are a great example of why inner beauty is really what matters-- that's what influences others and blesses lives. You're awesome!

Sophia C.

Heather, you're adorable ANYTIME, inside and out!!


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