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Seriously?!? How awesome is that! Sharing the cooking, fresh goodies at you door for NO specific reason! That's the best. It's so wonderful that there are still neighborhoods where everyone interacts like they're an extensions of the family :) I don't think I've spoken directly to any of my neighbors in the last week! Sad, huh? Hopefully the summer will last extra long so you can enjoy it to the fullest :)


always so many fun things happening. Enjoy this wonderful time with your neighbors, as the kids get older it seems things get busier and times like these will fade. So ejoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Lynn C.

Honestly? You and your culdesac would never make it on T.V. Like you said.....there's NO drama and you have such fantastic friends! I am just so thrilled for you. It's the perfect place to live. You should give your culdesac group a name. : D You have amazing friendships.

But like they say...."What goes around, comes' around". SO I am NOT surprised. I LOVE what you did for Ursula. What a sweetheart you are. Look at the smile on her face. Pure joy. Pure friendship. Pure righteous charity.

You are awesome woman!


Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

That's a super idea to trade cooking meals! However, when we get together with our best friends - there are nine kids between the 2 of us. All under the age of 8. CRAZAY!

That cheeseburger looks sooo yummy. Man, I wish we lived closer! LOL! Loved the photos as usual. You guys have so much fun!


Seriously does it you have an awesome neighbourhood such great people!!! Plus they have you for a neighbour so how could they not have fun eh!! You are a riot I want to live in your neighbourhood!!! hope all else is good ttys Awesome recipes too! thanks for sharing always you are the best!@!!


HOly cow, girl...this is a typical week for you?! Share the energy and motivation, please! :) I am offically moving to your neighborhood...mmmmm! I always say, "It's all about the food!" Looks like you and your neighborhoods feel the same way!
I would love to get together soon...let me know! :)


I LOOOVE that recipe! It is one of our favorite burger recipes! Rachael Ray rocks out another great recipe.

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