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Michelle S.

Yay! Happy Birthday Kaden. It sounds like you had a great day! That is great that your sister is doing swimming lessons. I didn't learn how to swim until I was about 11 or 12, so I had my boys take lessons when they were fairly young. It makes going to the beach and other water related activities way less stressful.

Theresa Marie

Kaden is absolutely adorabe... says the cutest things! Seneca is so cute too! Too bad we don't live closer, I think her and Audrey are a lot the same :)


What FUN!! Love the pictures and especially the one of Kaden and Chas!! You're right, the Texas sheet cake is a "pleaser" every time.

Happy, Happy Birthday Kaden!!!!

p.s. Can't wait to see Kaden on that school bus when he's 17!!!! :-)


Happy Birthday, Kaden! How awesome that Kaden is learning to swim, and how sweet of your sister to offer to teach her nieces and nephews! Sounds like Seneca will take to it naturally and no doubt become an excellent swimmer! Your kids are so much fun, Heather!


Happy Birthday Kaden! It looks like you had an awesome birthday! We hope your year is fabulous!

Lori Muse

What a fun day! Those are great pics, I have to agree with Kaden, the silly pic of you and him is so cute! Happy birthday Kaden!

julie c in boise

As I read all about Kaden's special day, I couldn't help but think when my children were 6 and what an absolutely wonderful time of life that is. Kaden has started on such a wonderful path with a great relationship with his mother and father. Those are so important as they continue to grow as you well know Heather. Thank U for sharing the details and 'recipe' of the day. Heather......could you check your emails to see if you received the one I wrote a a couple of days ago?


Cute pics! They're priceless. Happy Bday Kaden! So much to do and experience, being 6 and all :) Swimming is an AWESOME sport and makes the summers SO much more fun....and more comfortable for moms when kiddos can keep up in the water. We are having a send-off party next weekend and I'm going to give the Texas sheetcake a try. Thanks for the idea. Happy fourth to all.


Jewels is such a lifesaver!

Lynn C.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kaden! What an awesome day for a great 6 year old.

Heather I LOVE all the birthday traditions you have with your family. So cool! I love the conversations you have with your kids too. It says leaps and heaps about the relationship you have with them. You'll continue to be a great mom when he is 17 and riding the bus. LOL! So cute.


Happy birthday kaden!! Another fun day at the white house you guys have the best family traditions seroiusly!! Love the pictures how fun are you guys!! You are awesome!!!


What a handsome 6 year old - happy to hear you had such a fun birthday Kaden!

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