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Nikki Peck

Happy Birthday Kaden!!


That is so sweet. And he is going to cherish letters like that. Even though my baby is only 18months, I get so sad at how fast the time goes! I loove the picture of him at 3 weeks! What a cute little guy!


Hope you had a great birthday Kaden.
Kaden shares a birthday with Clayton, who turned 5 yesterday. where does the time go?!

amber m.

What a heartfelt letter...that little boy loves his mama and she adores his right back! Happy birthday, Kaden!

Ellen Patton

Nice mom...nice boy!


Happy Birthday Kaden! Wow! It seems like yesterday that this cute little boy that looked similar to an apache indian came into our family!! The first of all the cousins to actually have hair!!!
We love you Kaden!


Happy Birthday Kaden!!!!
Heather, Thank you so much for the book (50 Moments: Scrapbook what matters most). It's is awesome! Enjoy today!

Lisa W

Happy Birthday Kaden.


Happy Birthday, Kaden!

Lynn C.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADEN! You are one very blessed little young man. Enjoy your day!

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

I loved reading your letter to Kaden! So many of the same sentiments that I have for my kids. He is one blessed little (big) guy, and you are one blessed mama!

I can't believe all of that hair when he was a baby! WOWZA!


Happy Birthday Kaden !!! That is the sweetest most beautiful keepsake birthday letter ever. You are such a good mom!! You have such great ideas what a lucky boy and girl to have you!!

jill harkness

well that was just the sweetest post ever.


That baby picture of Kaden is seriously so stinkin cute!!! I could look at that face all day. What a great letter to write to him.

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