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Michelle S.

Yum! now I am hungry. I must try several of those recipes.


You are soooo FUN!!! Wish I could attend your craft nights!! Love that you do this!!!

Ellen Patton

Thanks for sharing all the recipes!

Amy Horlacher

I am sitting here with my mouth watering! LOL. Next time you do a craft night let me know! I would love to come.


I'm ready for a craft night...Sure wish I lived closer...Hmmm..Maybe you could have something for your out of town BLOGGERS to meet you in person and have a FAB craft night...


ok-i want to be your friend! Really-I do! Can I be your friend? You do such fun things! Where did you get the recipe tins? I am looking for some for a project for me to do and I need about 5.
The recipes look delish! I am cutting and pasting-hope that you don't care! :)
You are one talened chick! you do a lot of fun things for a lot of people. I know that these people love you. Keep up the good work! I have a ribbon outlet if you want to know it. It's in salt lake and I will be happy to share the info!


Oh how fun. I am loving the cute tin. I want to make one. Our ward doesn't do crafts, so this post makes me very envious, lol! Wait, this is your own craft night, right? Not sponsored by church, so maybe I should stop feeling sorry for myself and plan my own craft night for friends. Thanks for being such an inspiration!


wow recipes can't wait for your cookbook I'm so excited!! All these recipes look so yummy!! Love the crafts you all did makes me wish I lived in the neighbourhood you guys have so much fun!! Cute pictures too you look gorgeous as usaul love all the bright fun colors!! well have a great day ttys

Becca Barnes

Okay do I get in on the fun craft night? You are so talented and I love that you share with all of us. Thanks so much!!

Nikki Peck

The projects and prizes look awesome, as do all the fabulous dishes!! Yumminess!!! Thanks for sharing them!!


Yayy!! Thank you sooo much for sharing all these yummy recipes! I'm on a recipe trying kick right now, so this gives me alot more to work with!! :)

jill harkness

oh my word! that looks amazing!! i stared at those pictures forever, just drooling and wishing i had been there! i love your recipie container! so cute. i will absolutely be checking back on this post when i need to make ANYTHING! thanks for putting in the time to post them all!


man, I wish I could come to craft night!


Okay, as if the Lemon bars weren't enough of a motivation, the craft projects are simply TOO cute! Want them!!! As many others are asking, how do I get in on the craft night? Is it church related or an open social event? Thanks for the ideas (as always) and the YUMMY recipes.


Fun, i think I gained 5lbs just looking at all that yummy food.

Julie Pack

Thanks so much for all those recipes! I've stolen a few from you on here before and can't wait to try these ones!

Julie :)

Lynn C.

I am on High Heaven! I LOVE recipes and I hit "pay day" today with your post!!! Thanks SO much! These all look so good and I can't wait to try them. Can't wait for that recipe book of yours coming out soon.


We're contemplating doing something similar to your recipe board for Super Saturday--so i have a question--how did you cut the metal?


I randomly came across your blog, and I absolutely love it. It is so inspirational and fun. Thanks for all of your great posts =)

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