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Lynn C.

Oh you are the best mom. What kid doesn't want their mom to join them in making animals sounds with the animals. How cool is that?! Love the photos! Your techniques are awesome.

We have one son who is 12 and he only learned how to ride his bike last summer. So don't worry about Kaden being 6. I for one think that is Fantastic that it took him such a short time to learn!


Way cute pics! My son, Brandon is 12 and gets tired of me taking the camera EVERYWHERE! But I'm a mom and have to capture the PIC. Also, no worries on the bike thing. My daughters 9 & 7 still don't know how. Like you said, Bikes just aren't used that much in our family. Where do you do most of your photo shoots? I'll have to check them out when we are up north.

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

Oh please don't feel bad about the bike thing - you aren't alone. My daughter is 6 and is terrified of two-wheelin' it. And with traffic and busy streets - I haven't been the biggest advocate of teaching her. I'm scared silly she'll get hurt. Maybe this summer will be the summer.

I LOVE that photo of them on the tractor - it's precious! As are all of the photos. Looks like you had a great time, even with the heat.


What a dang cute little family you have! Keep on enjoying!


Looks like a fabulous time on the farm. We usaully have the 95-100 degree weather too. We have had so many bad fires in our area of CA that the air quality is so bad & we haven't seen blue skies for days. So, our temps have been a little bit lower 7 i don't mind one bit. i would like the the sky to be blue again :). Have a great Sunday!


Wheeler Farm is one of our favorite places! Your kids look so happy (and adorable) in the pictures!

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