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Ohhhh, I've had that happen. I don't blame you for wanting to throw your laptop at the wall.

Amy Sorensen

Heather, I have honestly given up on writing my blog entries actually IN typepad. I just write them in my word processer (I'm so archaic, I still use WordPerfect!), edit and spell check there, then copy and paste into typepad. I only save it until I've posted it, and then I just delete the file. But, I hear you loud & clear: that is SOOOO frustrating!!!


Oh Babo, that is absolutely awful!! I like to think sometimes that my computer or other stubborn inanimate objects have feelings so that when they shut down and I get REALLY mad, I can pretend they feel bad and that I showed THEM what's what!!


That is the PITS! I am sorry! Does Typepad not automatically save your posts? I know blogger does. Seriously, I am really sorry.You deserve a donut in a big way!

Lisa W

So sorry Heather. I use Windows Live Writer when I write my blog then it just uploads it from there pictures and all. I love it.

Lynn C.

Oh how horrible! I didn't know there was such a thing. I guess I should be grateful that blogger automatically saves mine. I think I would have out screamed you if that happened to be me! : S

I know. Not funny. Man do I feel your pain.


i was having a moment similar to that today--unfortunately it got directed at my children too--not one of my better moments. personally i'm blaming pms.
but for your blogging woes--i used windows live writer--it will post directly to my wordpress blog. it should work w/typepad too.

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