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You certainly have had one emotional week! Thank you for sharing your thoughts & what you loved about the services. I could feel the spirit just reading your post. I hope the rest of your summer is uneventful, in a good way! Hugs to you & your family at this time!

Lynn C.

I've been sitting here for a half hour now in the quiet. The clock is ticking and the wind is blowing outside. It's been wonderful to reflect on so many things that this post of yours has conjured up in my mind. I thank you Heather for sharing. This was a wonderful post. You are a wonderful woman.


Thank you for posting this beautiful tribute to our dear Kuni. Oh, how I adored her and the funeral was amazing! And you girls REALLY did sound like angels. I've learned so much from Kuni and you!

And thanks for Derek's notes as well. A couple of the quotes you shared will be store in my heart and shared with friends who need them right now.

Have a blessed day!

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