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Lemon Fluff is my next goodie...Sounds great. Loved the poem. Sure hope you had hot water at Bear Lake... My parents found out that the water heater was turned WAY down. Sorry...

Lynn C.

That is AWESOME! Love how you honored the dad of your home. Love THOSE shoes! What a lucky guy! Man, if I got a surprise deal like that I would be doing the happy dance too.

Thanks for sharing the recipes. I collect them all!

And thanks for the poem. There's a video that goes with that.
I love this video. In fact, this was one of our dear widows' (from our ward) favorite poems. She had this given at her funeral. There was not a dry eye there. My husband LOVED her so much. We all did.

Thanks for the wonderful reminder. And the great flashbacks of her's and my friendship.


Delicious recipes! Yum! I made the Orange Julius and everyone in my family loved it! Thank you! I loved it so much, I hope you don't mind if I post it on a food blog I belong to with a link here to your post as the original source. Thank you again!

Amy N.

LOVE Orange Julius!! I hardly keep the OJ concentrate around though..bummer! I love "The Dash" poem. I saw that years ago, and it really hit hard for me....great poem!

Christy B

OMG - I wish I would have found that deal!! Holy Cow - I'd be wife of the century with that gift! You did good!!!

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

You are the most thoughtful wife I've ever heard of. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't even know my husband's shoe size. You're amazing - and YAY on the great deal!! Don't you love when that happens?

And yes, I love that poem. It's always made me think and made me cry. Thanks for posting it, as it's so appropriate.

Oh, and WONDERFUL job on your circle journal! The colors, the daisies, the gemstone, the photos... beautiful!


Love that poem what truth eh!! Love the shoes too what a great fathers day gift and breakfeast yummy! You are mother of the year and wife of the year!You are awesome! Those recipes look so good! I printed them off and can't wait to try them!
Awesome scrap pages as usual too love the bright summery fun feeling.
Well have a faboulous warm day!!!


I love Orange Julis too, Heather. It always reminds me of being a newlywed because my husband wanted some and I started to make it. He said, let's get my mom's recipe. I responded, they are all the same. But he insisted (yes he was a mama's boy!). So I got it and sure enough it was exactly the same. I think it was a good lesson for him! But I still tease him about it!


Wow! That was a long post! LOL!! The circle journal looks like a lot of fun! Loved your layout and your heart!

Glad that you and your family had a nice Father's Day. Especially cool about getting that bargain on the shoes! Gotta love that!

This was the first Father's Day in 38 years that I didn't get to be with my dad. My nana, his mom, had to have an emergency angiogram so he flew to Los Angeles to be with her. I'm glad that you and your family all got to be together for a wonderful meal and time to relax and enjoy.

Love the pics of the kids! Wow are they ever getting big!! Still super cute!!

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