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I am SOOO there for a singles ward reunion! Name the time and the place! I'll even get Paul and Jill to come.


You are always having so much fun and your pictures are amazing! We will have to swap photo ideas sometime. I wish I had half your creativity!

Lynn C.

Oh look adorable no matter where you go or what you do! Seriously.
I SO love the birthday traditions of your family. You are right....your mom is amazing. She is a wonderful lady that I hope to meet someday. Right along with you. You have taken So many of your mom's talents with you when you left home. That is so obvious. I especially love how you captured Kaden off by himself looking at his new gift. That one is priceless.


wow, so Kaden is into Ben 10 also?? Everything my son got for his birthday was Ben 10!!!


You are so beautiful with or without makeup seriously I wish I looked that good w/o makeup!!
You guys have so much fun I Love the monthly birthday idea when there gets to be so many in a family that is a great idea! I love it! love robert duncan too I have 2 of his pictures up in my house and I love to get the calender every year sad I couldn't find it for this year!! Your pics are amazing as usual!
Ha ha on the your comment on my blog about the five hours that is awesome made me laugh!! You are the best! Have a wonderful night!!

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

You're right,your mom is superwoman. I'd love to be a fly on the wall while she magically pulls together a dinner like that. Wow. Really. Wow.

I've got four girls, so that might account for the ignorance of Ben 10. It looks like you all had a wonderful birthday! I love that you get together each month to celebrate those birthdays. Every person must feel so, so special. Your family is awesome!

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