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Lynn C.

Oh wow! I must SHARE this with my own daughters. I too can relate to so much of what you said. I want them to hear from you, as you say it SO well. I too wished I had been more confident. Thanks VERY much for sharing Heather!

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

What an interesting thing to contemplate. Wow. I've got to give this one some thought. THanks for the inspiration! As always, I'm in love with your pages. SO darn cute!


I was very touched by your comments. I think we all struggle with insecurities and we don't value our Heavenly Father's love as much as we value our peers' opinions. Thank you for sharing.


OH this post just called my name. I was in the same boat growing up...always up and down (mostly up tho!) in weight and once I got out of highschool I realized the same thing...Heavenly Father was their for me and wanted to help me get through ANY difficult situation I might be in. Once I found that; I found myself. Even though I may have my 'fat days' I still love me for me and just strive for improvement in every area of my life. And people are so drawn to a confident HAPPY woman...and nothing feels better to know that people like you for you.
Thank you for this gentle reminder.

Mary M

GREAT post, Heather! I, too struggled with my weight as a pre-teen, teen, and felt a lot of those same feelings. I've always felt thankful, though, that I DID have a good relationship with the Savior through it all. It also helped that I had a great Beehive adviser who would always tell me that I was the girl the guys would go for in the end, late bloomer that I was.

It's interesting, that I find as an adult woman, that my issues with my weight ALWAYS become worse when I'm not nurturing my relationship with God. It's so much harder to eat the right way and exercise when I'm skimping on scripture study and prayer.

I wish that I'd taken more time to get to know you when we were in college. I look back on that time in Heritage Halls, and wish that I'd done more as RS President - I guess that we all need to be gentle with ourselves. I WAS balancing full-time school, part-time work and an active dating life on top of being responsible for 90 girls!


Heather, the only reason I was making fun of 13-year old you was because I pretty much have that same picture of myself. We were both so cute!!


I love your blog. It is very creative and positive. I hope it is ok that I have a link to your blog on my blog.

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