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Delaney Gates

Ha! Operation Princess Pull-Ups... What a cute name! We had Operation Buzz Light Year Pull-Ups at our house... :)


Don't forget: you are what you eat (he he)! Good luck with potty training! I LOVED your advice to yourself as a younger girl! I think that I'll have to do that some day!

Lynn C.

WOW! You have inspired me totally with your teacher appreciation gifts for a week! That is SO awesome.
I am now off to thaw out a turkey too! LOL
HAppy Potty training! I can SO relate to all your experiences with both a boy and a girl. They are SO different in that department. I am just SO happy that it's over for me. I truly empathize with your feelings on it being the worst thing to do. But it looks like you are well on your way with Seneca! Here's to being totally diaper free for her soon!


Such fun and simple ideas for teachers!!!


girls are SO much easier to potty train then boys!!
I am still waiting for my son to do #2 in the potty. he doesn't seem to care that he has poopy in his pull up. but he will tell me to change his diaper and will actually bring me the diaper and wipes!!
for my daughter i made a chart and let her put a sticker on it every time she used the potty. she LOVED the chart. my son, could care less!


I just love your teacher gifts! The packaging with the tags rock! I've learned from you that it's all about the presentation and the receivers just love that!

Good Luck with potty training! I hope it's going well for the both of ya!


Alright just made me feel like the biggest slacker! You always come up with the cutest things for the teachers. I bet all the teachers pray they get your kids so they can get all the fabulous things you come up with. Seriously, you amaze me!


Oh my gosh, Heather. This is absolutely the best. This is a great way to present a gift every day of the week. I'm sure the teacher loved new gifts for her class too. Did you have some ideas of what to get her ahead of time from a wish list or did you and your son just pick some neat things out?


I really love your 5 days of teacher appreciation week gift! I plan using your idea for my son's preschool teacher next month! Thanks for the inspiration!

The Katies of ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative

We love your five reasons book and that each one is handwritten by your son. We've included a picture of the book in a post we have scheduled for this week on our blog about Teacher Appreciation. Your are credited and a direct link is provided to this post. We hope this is okay and thank you in advance for sharing with our readers. However, if it is not okay we will remove it immediately, just let us know.


Do you have or know of a simple Daily poem for what we can recommend to give to the teachers each day during the Teacher appreciation week? I am part of our school PTO as a new board member and wanted some new ideas for suggestions during the week. Thank you:)

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