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Yah, I feel the same way about mini-vans! I'm proud to say that I made it without getting one! Now with only one child left at home, I'm pretty sure I'll NEVER have one! I've driven friend's mini-van before though and they are nice...just not for me!


Dude!!, You are looking soooooo HOT in that mini-van!! ;-) I'm sure you will grow to love it as much as your cute kids do!!

Am loving all the FUN posts, what a life you live, good for you!

Congrats on the "New to You" ride and enjoy it!!


Yeah! I feel the same way about mini-vans..I never wanted one.....that is until I saw my coworkers Odyessy. If any mini-van is going to grow on me it would be an Odyessy! I don't need one yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was driving one in the future....

Oh and by the way! You are looking F.I.N.E fine in that "jeep" of yours! What's happening hot stuff?

amber m.'ve been PROLIFIC the past couple of days! So nice to get caught up on your goings-on.

We love Hondas at our house...but I am also one that has fought a mini-van tooth and nail. I'm happy, albeit a little squished in my CRV.:-)


Heather you make the van look hip and cool!! I'm right with you in the I don't want a mini van so far I'm winning but my gas bill is probably alot more than yours. So enjoy it! Of course you look beautiful and hip and cool-- heck you are the QUEEN OF AMERICA so anything you drive is the hottest!! Have fun!! ttyl

Amy Horlacher

Heather!!! You crack me up! I am NOT a minivan driver either. I settled for an Explorer which is ALMOST the same it just doesn't have the sliding doors....LOL. You look hot in it though! That's all that matters!


This is me, being completely jealous. I wanted a mini-van, but my husband hates them. So, we have a Pilot. I have used the 3rd row a lot, but it's hard to get kids in and out. When we have #4, he's going to have to get over his hate and learn to love the mini-van.


this is so funny!! i use to swear also I would never drive one. But I'm all about the practical vehicle now, and especially with gas prices still look super cool. i would like a honda, so when the time comes you have to tell me I still look cool too!!! i've come to the realization that it's just a vehicle and we will all survive if we have a mini-van. i love this post!!! until then, i'm driving a car as long as I can!!

Lynn C.

Heather, I said the same thing as you. Then I had no choice but to get a mini van and then WHEN we ran out of room, we had to get an 8 seater van. Exactly like the one in the Music Video! Thanks for that by the way. LOL! I have been driving my 8 seater vans for over 12 years now. Even when it was stolen twice (I couldn't believe it was THAT coveted!) and ran into once and had to get a new one each and every time.....I told my husband that I STILL wanted an 8 seater van. I didn't care that the kids were already starting to leave home! I am NOW home in my 8 seater van. Coolness? You bet! I feel cool to be sitting up high and pretty above all those in their little teen tiny vehicles. I got me some POWER in my 8 seater van! I can see above everyone ahead down the road. I won't give it up now for anything. I can haul the whole soccer team around. I can have ALL my kids friends come drive anywhere with us. I feel safer in a tank. LOL! We can stretch out and travel to visit my folks in comfort. No cramped legs here! This mamma LOVES her 8 seater van! : D
P.S. You DO look cool in your van BTW. NICE color too!

maggie Holmes

oh man, i am dying to get a mini van!! we are just counting down until our current lease is up! i have had a nissan armada and it has been so horrible!! anyway, you look great in it! lucky you!!


ONE day, you'll never know how you lived WITHOUT it!!!

Michelle C

Just have to say Hooray for the minivan! I also was never going to have one, but we've had ours for a little over a year and I am absolutely SOO glad we got it! And you are the coolest mini van driver ever! :)


When I was growing up my vision of the 'perfect mormon family' always included a mini-van and I told people I couldn't wait to get my own. To this day, a woman I grew up next door to asks where my van is...So maybe I'll get one when I have more kids...

Tiffany Sloan brighten my day !!! You took the words right out of my mouth. Minivans ??? What's with that ? Don't worry I am not to far off from getting my own too...maybe I will have to pimp mine out a little to feel better about it ! LOL


Oh crack me up! We've always had a suburban and we rented a minivan to drive to disneyland a couple of weeks ago and we loved it. the gas mileage is 3 times better then our suburban..we loved it and I can see why so many people drive them. I couldn't believe how much room there was in between the seats and how easy it was to get the kids in and out, especially the little one's in their carseats. You will love your van, and you do look really cool and hip in it!

Amy Sorensen

I promise: the "not cool" factor pales when compared to the space and the lack of "s/he's touching me" whining. I've had mine for 7 years now (how'd THAT happen???) and honestly, I wouldn't trade it in for anything other than a brand new one!

Oh, and, btw, I am TOTALLY cool, driving my minivan. It's really all about the kind of music, anyway!!! ;)


I completely understand. I got my minivan 4 years ago and it took some adjustment. Now, I wouldn't trade it in for anything. It's makes life so much easier. ;) Enjoy your new ride. And yes, you still look cool. Let's face it - mom's rock no matter what they drive.


Hey there Heather, Keep the shades! I think it is so funny that we worry what we look like in our cars. Oh, and be prepared you will be asked to drive everywhere now cuz you can fit the most. Hey just don't ever be like us and buy a school bus. :) Seriously my husband bought one when my oldest kids where in high school, we went a few places in it, but mostly used it for ward stuff or family things. Makes any mini-van look better huh? :) Enjoy you new ride!

Jen M

At least you got an Odyssey--it's probably the coolest of the mini vans in my opinion. I wish I had one...good luck figuring out how to look cool in a mini-van!

Michele in AZ


You are not the only one who broke down and got a "Cool" minivan this year. I did too. And you know what I have a 2008 Odessy and we LOVE it... seriously congradulations for coming into the van club!!

Mary M

I'm am insanely jealous - I've wanted an Odyssey FOREVER. I'm not nearly as cool as you, though! Right now, I'm just feeling thankful that I can fit our whole family into our old Plymouth Voyager, clunker though it is!

Erin H.

I kid you not, I swear the story you just told was almost exactly what happened to my sister!!! Literally her husband went to take the vehicle back after test driving it and he bought it! LOL I have to laugh because I tease my sister now about being a "soccer mom." do look cool in the pics, just roll with


Oh you are going to LOVE that Odyssey! I have one in the very same color. It is the BEST for road trips--with or without the kids.


Heather, you are always cool no matter what you drive, LOL! You are driving a mini-van because you are a mommy and in my book being a mom is absolutely the coolest thing ever!


How funny. When we got our first mini-van, I did feel kind of cool. I guess I always pictured myself as a little mommy, in a mini van! But after going through two of them, and "upgrading" to a nifty suv, I feel way cooler driving it. ☺
Fun post. Love the pictures, lol!

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