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My card is now made and will be in the post to you tomorrow :) I know how you feel about your friendship with Lucy: I have friendships like that and it's amazing!! We met up again after 9 years and all the years melted away. I hope to visit them again in a couple of years when another 5 years will have passed. Hope it's not too long til Lucy gets to visit you in Utah! Oh, my sister has just moved away from Surrey - it's where her in-laws live! joanne x


Love the pictures! The London Eye pic. is fab! What great souvenirs you found!!! Take care!


Hi Heather,

I guess I'm officially not a lurker anymore. I don't mind at all if you share the card I sent you. I love reading your blog and hearing about your great European vacation!


Love the pics and tribute to lucy good friends are the best! You had so much fun! Awesome plate love it! Glad your home!


You have to love good friends. I have one that lives far away, not as far away as Lucy, but far enough.Love the pics, and the details of the trip!!


Okay...first off...welcome home! I know it's bittersweet but just revel in the time you DID get to spend. What a fabulous opportunity for you. Thanks for continuing to share with us. Now for the drumroll please...your train case came today!!! But sad for me, I'm one short! What are you supposed to do with that when you have to have an order of $50??? YIKES! Let me know when you need this. My sis is coming Friday from Virginia and we'll be in SLC on Friday and Saturday for a while each day. Would you like me to bring it by? Just let me know! Hugs to you!!!

Michele (Luvkitty)

Beautiful post about friendship!

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