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Oh my gosh ... LOVE this idea! I'm a lurker, but I'll totally send you a card. I'm going to a retreat this weekend, so it should be postal next Monday. :)


What a fun idea! I can't wait to make mine. You have the cutest ideas, Heather!


Fun idea! I'm a total lurker but I'm going to see what I can do...


You rock! Where do you come up with such great ideas your amazing!! I'm going to make mine right now!! Happy 2 year 6 month anniversary! Fun I wish I was as popular and talented as you. Have a great day!!


Okay, seriously? You are killing me! LOL! What a fun idea! I comment AND I lurk so I guess that means I'm in! Watch the PO Box...geeze, I may have to stay up past my bedtime! *sigh*

Shelley Smith

Such a great idea Heather. You are going to get a TON cards, if people do this. Especially because I don't know ANYONE who isn't motivated by free stuff. lol. Your blog is a blast to look at. Hope all goes well. Once again... very creative


This sounds so fun! I am totally going to send you a card. And, I have to tell you, my 2nd wedding anniversary was on August 18th. So, today is my two-year, six month and one week wedding anniversary! How cool is that! :)



what a totally awesome and fun idea, Heather! I can't wait to see what I can come up with! :)


Happy Blog-a-versary! Wow...2yrs! Love keeping up with you through your blog...can't wait to go to dinner! :)


Whew! OK! I'm game.. I'll see when I can get something out to you (and cutesy as well). I do have to make some cards this weekend, so I'll be sure to get your card done too! :)

Jolene George

I LOVE this idea Heather! You have 6 months on me. I also have hundreds of daily "lurkers" so I totally understand wanting to know who they are as well as getting a face to a name of ones that do leave comments. So fun! I'm so grateful I was able to meet you in person. I will be sending you a card! :o)

Jen Smith

What a Great Idea, I have got such a good idea for my card :)

I can't wait to send it to you! :)

I've de lurked and lurked and commmented and everything :)

I can't think of any reason why people wouldn't want to read your blog it's awesome!


fun idea!!


This is great idea - I'm so excited to participate!


What a great idea! I will make it one of my weekend projects.

Erin Koch

This is awesome- today is my birthday- I wish I would have come up with something like this to do on my blog. I will definetly send a card. Thanks for all the inspiration- E
How is the cook book coming?


Look how cute you are- what a fun idea! Happy blogaversary... I will get my card to you soon.


You continue to amaze me Heather! This is such a great idea .... only you could come up with such fun! I'm mainly a lurker but your blog was one of the first ones I ever read. You helped me way back get started on the journal thing (when I read about your journal jars) and now I'm posting questions and answers on my own blog when my brain has a lapse on something else to blog about. Thank you so much for all the "giving" of yourself! I hope to get a card in the mail to you soon!


so fun!! love reading your blog. i'll get a card one too you for sure! great idea. Kristyn

Andrea B

1 All About Me card coming your way....


Ooooo...this will be fun!!!


I am going to do this...its just the jumpstart I need to get into something creative!

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

SO fun! I'll definitely send you a card about me!!! Can't wait to see how many you get!!!


How fun! I'll be sending you a card.


Oooh! What fun. I'll have to get on my card. I can't believe you've been blogging for so long. I hope I still have the drive in another year and a half. I love it that you're honest and open with your time, talents, and feellings.

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