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Lynn C.

WOW! I can really relate to your second pregnancy. Mine was the same way for the entire 9 months. And during that time I graduated from college (barely made it up the stage to get my certificate) and moved twice which added to all the stress. Your neighbor and friends who came to help are FINE examples of what we should be doing to seek out those in need. How awesome are they!? Thanks for sharing that.
Way to go with your Jazzercise! Keep up the great work. It surely will add a "spring" in your daily steps.
Congratulations to Jodi!


Congrats to Jodi! I'm sure her baby is adorable. I can't wait for pictures. I hope that you will post some. (I'm sure you will!)

Wow I need your motiviation. If you can get up and do jazzercise, then surely I can get up and run on the treadmill. I just need to do it! For me though, I'd have to get up at 4:30am, to get it done before I have to be at work.

I, too, have a hard time letting people serve me; even my only family. It's that darn pride thing.

And yes, Life IS good, very good!!!!!


My VT's get frustrated sometimes as when they ask if there is anything they can do for me I usually say 'no'! So what I allow them to 'do for me' is take me out to dinner with other friends too. Now THAT'S just what I need - good quality time with my friends :) Can't beat a girl's night out :) Why do we all find it easier to serve that be served? I think I'll have to work on that this year - allow other people to receive blessing by letting them serve me..... {note to self: be humble and accept help when needed - it's not a weakness!}


WTG on the Jazzercise! I would love to try that sometimes! I love that Kashi Golean Crunch stuff too, but I also have to let it soften a bit to erase that cardboard taste. :D


Good for you, Heather! I love how your good, happy mood is portrayed so well in your writting. I didn't get enought sleep, nor did I excersise today, but almost feel as peppy as you sound, just reading your blog!


Good for you & getting back to Jazzercise! it is amazing what a little activity can do for ya! Keep it up!



Oh Heather, I'm rofl at the Kashi comment...soo true! You good girl on the Jazzercise!! I did it when I lived in CO and loved it. Keep it up!


Had so much fun reading your post! Cmpletely got me in the mood to work out. I've been slack this week because of the stomach flu, but if you can do it, so can I!

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