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Oh yummy!!! I wasn't able to be a part of it, but that cookbook would be so awesome to have in my kitchen! Yum yum yum!

jackie gable

i would love one


I'd be interested and love the hard back issue, esp. the M.E. cover, that's so cute. Either way you go I'd like at least one for myself since I love the recipes you post. What a great idea to do this, you're still amazing me. Any idea when it would done? Thanks


what a great idea. are you going to taste test all of them so no gross recipes are put in it? about how much do you think they'd cost?

Stephanie Loveridge

I would love to order your cookbook-and would order at least 3 of them! Thanks for thinking up this terrific idea... I always just print out your recipes but having them all together would be wonderful!


I would LOVE to order one!


Oh you know me and how much I love your recipes!! I'd probably order around 10 or so, great christmas gifts!!!

Thanks so much for such a great idea!!

chery morgan

I am always looking for great recipe books and I would LOVE one of yours. I like the thought of it having hard back too and will be willing to pay the $ upfront.


I would definitely love to have your favorite recipes. If you do it, I would probably order 3.


Like others have said...this is a GREAT idea and have just loved all the recipes you've shared on your blog. If you go through with making the book, I'd order atleast 10 of them. It's never too early to think of Christmas gifts. :) Thanks for asking!


I would love, love, love all of your favorite recipes! I would prefer a harder bound copy (sorry, I know it means more work for you) and I would likely just order one or two copies.

julie c in boise

Okay Heather.....I am already trying to figure out how many I want/need! I would say at least 10 cuz the recipes that you already post I share with others and so this would be awesome to be in a fun, cute reci'pea' book. there you go again....amazing us all!

jen howick

Yummmm! I want one, for sure, if not a couple others for gifts. Put me down for 3-5.


I would absolutely buy at least 1 possibly 3.
Great Idea Heather, I love your recipes.


Count me in. I will have to get back to you on the amount I will order. What a great idea. Thanks for including me.

Lynn C.

Perfect! You are talking to a recipe book reading girl herself. I collect like mad! I print all your recipes and save them on my computer too. To have them all in a beautiful hard bound book or soft wouldn't matter to me. I just love the recipes you post. Great idea for Bridal showers, wedding and Christmas gifts. Put me down for 4. Thanks!!!


One more thing. Could I have you autograph mine? I love, love, love, your blog and all of your amazing ideas. I will also pay up front for whatever I order.

Tiffany too. Count me in for 5!!

Laura VanHoorn

I would LOVE this! I would buy 5, at least! I love cookbooks, especially the ones with "tried & true" recipes. I am a regular reader and have tried several of your recipes with great success! Count me in for at least 5!


I LOVE your recipes Heather, and would definitely buy one (maybe 2). Oooh... you've got to include your recipe for the Fluffy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. I make them all of the time and everyone asks for the recipe. They are yummy!


I love the idea. I would probably order around 5.


I would love two.

Linda U

I'm so excited about this! Put me down for 3 for sure but I'm sure I'll order more. You are a brave girl to do a cookbook!


I just found your blog and really enjoy it. Your recipes look wonderful. I'm the kind of cook it takes longer to make it then it does to eat it, I don't want to do it! Count me in for 1-2 copies.

Natalie vdP

I would definately want one, I can't wait !!!

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