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wendy sue

Heather, I just love to read about all of the fun things you do...and I truly admire your enthusiasm and energy!!! :O)


I love your table setting. It's very fun and just makes you smile! Your party treats for the gals are fabulous! It's so cool that you celebrate Nikolaus with the kiddos. I think it's important for children to learn about other cultures. Too funny about Kaden's comment last year. Kathy told me the other day "Yeah I knew about Santa when I figured out your handwriting. I probably had a few good years yet to believe". Geesh! Made me feel terrible. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


i have been trying to wait patiently for the quilted bear post, but i seriously have been dying to see this!! your table looked fabulous!!


Such a fun table you decorated. I bet the sisters were thrilled! How did they decide which table they sat at? I would have been lining up at dawn to get a seat at yours! :) Thanks for sharing the fun tradition of Nikolaus. I love learning about new traditions (or old ones tee hee hee). And I'm SO excited to get my hands on the new Joseph Smith RS manual. Thanks for the sneak peek!


What a completely fabulous tradition! I haven't heard of that before. Your table turned out amazing at the RS dinner. Great job!


Can you adopt me? tee hee. I want to live with YOU!! lol You do such awesome fun creative things.

Great Work!!


glad your head didn't fall off, great idea to spiral bound that book, it's hard to keep them nice for even one year, i didn't even know we are studying that next, how exciting!

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