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Nikki Peck

So adorable!! I love it!! Sounds like a very busy, exciting birthday for your 2-year-old! *I* can't believe she's 2 either!!! Crazy how that time flies. Love her cute presents and just how adorable she is in the pictures. And who could resist the picture of Kaden kissing her on the cheek!!!!! Precious!

Theresa Marie

happy birthday seneca!

heidi larsen

i can't believe that she is 2! wow! what a cutie!


Lucy is getting a Cabbage Patch baby for Christmas, too. I am soooo happy they brought them back. I still have mine somewhere. Looks like Seneca loved it. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

I also love that couch!

Stevie K

Fab pictures! Love the one of her looking at those donuts. How sweet of Kaden to get her a gift. Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday, Seneca! Sounds like Seneca had a wonderful day. She is so cute sitting on the little couch feeding her new baby!

Stacy B

Great pics! So that is where you were off to when I saw you there!

Kim B.

Happy Birthday sweet little Seneca. It was when you were born that I came across your mom's blog so I have watched you grow! Sending lots of birthday wishes from Florida!

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