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Sherri S

Ok, I have to LAUGH at the naptime 'poo'. I have a friend with twin 3 year olds. They were premmies and not yet totally potty trained. One of the boys will undress himself at night or naptime. Diaper and ALL come off resulting in a 'mess' at times! So She started DUCK TAPING around the diaper ALL the way around to the back. This has prevented further messes. Hehehe! Just thought I would pass that along to you. Oh my! VERY CUTE LO though!

Linda U

Your kids just crack me dang cute! I love both of your layouts. It's great that you keep track of the good, the bad AND the poopy!


You know you're a scrapper when you think to take photos of a mess like that -just to scrap about it later :D You are such a good mommy. Your kids are so blessed to have you :) Gorgeous layouts - so, so "real". Love 'em!


I LOVE that lay out! Very cute!

Lori Muse

It was so fun to see your layouts from the retreat! I love your journaling on the "art" page. So much like my addie it is scary! I am sending your page kit today!!! Yay! Can't wait to get yours. Love your Christmas blocks, such a great reminder!

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