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Michelle S

That sounds like a fun day Heather! I can see how you would be a little nervous about the class size doubling from what was expected, but also exciting as well. Your gift ideas are awesome, and I think it is cool that you included the alterted memo pad that I taught at QKU. Thanks for the shout out!

Linda U

Those lucky ladies! I wish I could have been one of them...what a great class! I have been a huge fan of Alisa's for a LONG time. I'll bet her class was great too! I hope you're enjoying a relaxing day after all of that!!

Sophia C.

Heather, I'd have run down and listened if I'd have realized this in advance. Sadness! Sounds like you did a marvelous job, as always. Your projects look great, as always. You're amazing, as always.


Jana Kigin

Would you be willing to share you neighbor gift ideas packet? I wish I could have been there. My peops come from BC.


You are truly inspiring! You really put in 100% into everything you do. I envy (in a nice way) those ladies who were able to attend your class. I'm sure you had a lot of valuable ideas to share! (LOVe the dessert idea). Congrats - you'll be blessed immensely for your hard work and service!


Sounds like a fabulous day! You are the right person for the gift giving ideas & testimony of sharing what you have with others. Thanks for sharing all of the fun things you do! You are very inspiring & I wish you were MY neighbor so we could be friends :).


heidi larsen

there is a special message for you on my blog.

Bonnie B.

Wish I lived closer so I could have come! I'm always at a loss for neighbor gifts! I'd love it if you could share!


Would love to know what the "Neighbor Gift Ideas" packets included and what the gift ideas were.


I agree that those are some lucky ladies to have you teach them. You are so blessed with a wonderful talent to create. I love all your ideas and am trying to find a group of ladies that I can start a craft day with.


Hi Heather!
That sounds like the funnest day--those ladies were so lucky...I'd love to attend one of your presentations sometime. You're awesome to put so much effort into being a thoughtful person. :)

Terry Oler

Heather...I'd love to get a copy of the Neighbor Gift Ideas. Are they for sale??

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