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Michelle S

Cool backpack. I love the tradition of a backpack date. LOOOOVE the shark comment. Kids are so honest. I would have had a hard time holding back the laughter.


That is a ROCKIN backpack. The kid has taste, must get it from his Mother.

Cute stories, I especially loved the last one and what a good come back mom!!! Kids say the cutest things and I wish we could remember each and every one of them.

Nikki Peck

LOL! So dang cute!! I love the backpack and his sharks during the Sacrament. Too cute!! Savanna had a Belle backpack for kindergarten and 1st grade, but it died during 1st grade, so for 2nd grade she chose a new one. Surprisingly, she chose a non-character one that rolls. She LOVES it! Sydney chose a Tinkerbell one. I am seriously so sad for the day when my kids stop wanting the character things!! That means they're "too grown up" for that and, according to ME, there's no such thing!! Which is why I'm still a Disney freak! LOL Anyway, that is definitely an awesome backpack for a character one!! Good luck to Kaden in kindergarten. I STILL cannot believe he's going!! I totally forgot he's only a year younger than Syd! Crazy!

Oh, and you need to remind me what material you used for your backdrop and how much! LOL Can you believe I STILL haven't gotten any?? LOL I PROMISE I'm going to write it down and put it somewhere special this time!! LOL


Three cheers for you Heather! Good job on letting go about the character thing! I am like you. I am not crazy about them either but it's what is important to them in their little world. I grew up in a bedroom that my Mom decorated in blue and looked like a furniture showroom. We weren't allowed to have anything personal on the walls or the surfaces. It was all kept in drawers or in the closet. Looking back the room WAS Mom is a great decorater. However, I hated that room! To this day I can't stand blue in a bedroom!
In the last year, we got new bedroom furniture for our room and I wanted to move our older set to my 5 year old daughter's room. She protested and said she loved her furniture (which is a smaller set) and didn't want the other set as much as I tried to coax her into it. Needless to say my childhood bedroom memories flooded back and I ended up letting her keep her set.
You did a good thing! Way to go Mom!


You gotta love your Mom and her wisdom in starting such amazing traditions. What a great example in every way!! incredible is Kaden's little mind?!
You gotta love that too!!

Have a Happy Day!

Stacy B

I despise character clothing and backpacks too. Cameron had a spiderman backpack for Kindergarten, but last year I bought a great lands end one and he still uses it. I will not buy character shoes...although, he does have some spidey sandals. I didn't want to buy them though. Cute pictures.

Zach J.

Sharks! I love it!


Cool backpack! Yeah, I actually get such a kick out of seeing the kids going back to school on the first day with all their new stuff.... makes me wish we had that back in the 60's....


I am so totally going to do this. What a fun and fabulous idea. I love Grandmas that do special things like that. I remember my one on one dates with my Grandparents too!

Shannon Bolt

I am right ther with you with the character things. The only time my kids get stuff wtih their favorite character on it is when they're witht their Nanny. The older my oldest one gets (she'll be 7 next month)I find myself letting go a little bit. But...boy is it hard! LOL!


He did a great job picking his backpack - and I think I've found a new family tradition to start! Oh- and by the way WHERE can I sign up to be visit taught by YOU?!?!?! I never SEE my visiting teachers. You know - That won't stop me from being the kind of VT I should be. Do you mind if I lift some of your sweet gift ideas for my sisters??

Linda U

Kaden is So cute, and what a wonderful grandma he has!


ROTFL! Sharks!! I love it!
Can you please be my visiting teacher?

Stevie K

What a cool backpack! Love the "shark" conversation!! Have a great weekend!


I'm glad you are letting go a little bit on the charachter thing. They are only kids once. I even tried to make sure mine were dressed to the "T's" for school but eventually I had to let their own little personalities shine through and let them have their agency. Some battles are just not worth fighting and they gotta win sometimes! LOL. Love the backpack date idea!!! Your mom is a good grandma!


Love the traditions your family has. That is what makes life so great. Keep up the good work!

heidi larsen

i love the "shark" comment. so cute! so honest. that sounds like a fun tradition. you have a really neat family!

Mimi Leinbach

I think are sons are soul mates! My son Jack has to have everything in character. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc...

Good luck with school Kaden!

Great blog!

Michele in AZ


I got an email from your sister Kim, and she mentioned Chas was in the hospital. I am glad that everything went well with the surgery and I just wanted you to know, that I am thinking and praying for your litle family.

Love in the gospel,
Michele Quick

Brooke Vincent

I am so with you on the "Character Wear". I totally dig it for stupid stuff like pajamas or underpants, but backpacks and clothes, I AGREE, never on my kids. However, maybe it's a turning 5 thing, I am caving this year for Paige's has to be Princesses. She wasn't budging on this one, even though I loved the pink camoflauge.
Kaden's sharks comments make me laugh hard. Especially since yesterday during the entire Sacrament prayer, Claire yelled, "Daddy, fold your arms. Daddy close your eyes!" I could see bodies all around us bouncing trying to hold back their laughter.
Hope Chas is doing better. I'll check on you soon!


Heather, You and your family are in our prayers. I hope Chas gets well soon.

Jen the Mom

I love that comment by Kaden during sacrament. That's hysterical! Sounds a lot like MY 7 year old.

I have been lurking for months now because I love your design ideas and I want to spend my husband entire paycheck on your stuff. ( I should clarify. I can't actually do that but I do want to.) Do you ship internationally to Canada?


That is really a wonderful tradition. You have a wonderful family. I'm still getting my order together for the quote blocks. Is there a due date so to speak?


Great backpack and I love that tradition. I think it was pretty nice of you to let him have the character one, but I am a fan of the boring Land's End monogrammed ones, but can see how batman is more fun ; ) I love the cologne thing, too- hilarious!


Shannon Bolt

Hi Heather,

My mom told me that your husband was in the hospital. Hope everything is ok. Our prayers are with you guys!!

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