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lynda paredes (simplescrapper)

WOW,thanx for postin all those pics. it sure does look like everyone had a fantastic time. maybe i'll be able to make next years....i can dream. glad everyone returned home safely and hope u and your back are doing better. just loved the photo shoot of seneca and audrey. those two are adorable. seneca looks so much like her daddy....and so does audrey. too cute....

Nikki Peck

It was awesome, as usual, my dearest Queen!! So sorry your back went out and hope you're feeling better ASAP. Thanks for posting all the pics!! It's been fun to see them!!


Holy Cow...What a fun weekend!! I loved all the pictures of everyone....what a great time!


Everything looks SO awesome Heather! What a fun time you all must have had. I am wondering how do I come to the next one??
Sorry about your back. I hope you will be able to take a break and get feeling better soon :)


OMGOsh!!!! What a FABULOUS time we had!!! I'm so sad the weekend is over (even though it feels great to get some much needed sleep!), and I miss everyone already!!!

Heather, what can I say to express my gratitude for all you planned for us and all the hard work you did do make this weekend one to remember forever??? It was SO much fun, and all I can say is.......
YOU ROCK!!!!! I knew it was going to be a fun weekend and that I'd love meeting you all, but I have to say, it was even BETTER than what I'd imagined!!!!! I LOVED every single thing about the weekend!!! All of our friends that taught classes were amazing, every class taught by our surprise guests were awesome, all the freebies you got for us were just incredible (our sponsors were beyond generous), Sharla's cooking was OMGosh FABULOUS, and, of course, the absolute best part was to finally meet all the wonderful girls that before this past weekend I only knew online!!!!! You are so amazing, Heather,as are all our wonderful friends, and I'm so thrilled that I was able to make it this year!!! Thanks for everything, and thanks for posting all the fun pictures!!! Love ya!!!


Heather we had such a blast. I loved meeting everyone IRL. You are such a great hostess and the prizes, guest speakers, and the food were awesome. I know you worked you butt off for this. Thank you!

chris jenkins

girl - you did good! what at amazing undertaking - you are awesome to put together such a great event!

so sorry to hear your back went out - i hope you are resting up - you deserve the much earned rest!

and the babies are so cute in their own little shirts!

heidi larsen

i had so much fun! heather you are awesome! i loved looking at all of the pictures too. so glad you took so many pictures, even if it was hard at the time to stand there for all of them! you really outdid yourself.


Heather rocks!!!! I had the absolute greatest time! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! -Amy


Looks like you all had a great time!! I hope my pages got to you soon enough!!

Stacy B

What an incredible weekend! Thanks so much for everything that everyone did for us. I had an amazing time. I sure hope we do it again!

It was so nice to meet more QFK'ers!

Amy Sorensen

Holy COW, Heather. Or maybe holy CRAP. This is awesome and it seems like you did a fantabulous job. YAY for you. Now go rest your achin' back! You deserve a great big REST!

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

WOW.... great pics and holy toledo you must have been busy!!

Chris rocks huh! She did a fab logo.


Looks like you had a FANTASTIC TIME!!!

Debbie Webster

Tons of fun!!!
I miss everyone and I feel bad not coming this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad everyone had a wonderful time...
I hope this isn't the last year!!!
Luv ya all ~Debby


OMGosh! I'm so glad you took all those pictures! Thank you again, Heather for all your hard work and a wonderful weekend! It was a blast to see everyone again and to finally meet everyone else! Emil & I had a great time looking at all the pictures. Thanks to Chris, too for doing the logo, Shar for all the cooking and all the teachers! Hope your back's better, too!

Wendy Sue

What an incredible weekend!! Thanks for sharing all of the photos and thoughts. Looks like everyone had a GREAT time!!

I hope your back is feeling better. :)

Sharla Hunt

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend last weekend. It was a blast! All the hard work was worth it, especially to see all the smiles on everyones face!



Okay, I a a total stranger to you personally. But I want in on the QKU for next year!!! That looked absolutely fabulous!!!

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