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i just finished 2 taw (one for a,b,c tracks then a seperate one for d) and i am so happy to see moms who care! for my own sons class, i was one of 3 people who sent in anything! (a thank you note is free people!) and i had 2 room moms who refused to do doors or the activities we set up (one of them was to babysit while the teacher got an extra 30 minute lunch. seriously-i had to babysit 4th graders and I DONT HAVE A 4TH GRADER!). most of the room moms were amazing but the few who were total loosers bummed me out. im glad they have you!

Heather Hubrich

I want to be your kids Teacher!


Oh my goodness! What fun! Where did you find that cute t-shirt?

Andrea Scott

That last comment was supposed to go on this post - so again, you're amazing! Next year I would love to glean this idea and be a better room mother!

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