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Heather Hubrich

WOW- I am speechless. How wonderful- really SO wonderful. And yes Heather there is still time to repent LMAO! Love you, and all the UTE Coaches!

lynn Crapo

I am bawling my eyes out! Oh totally rock. Spencer and his family will always remember the day for sure! And how sweet the things you are teaching your son. Kuddos to you!

Tiffany CArlson

I knew there was going to be a surprise for Spencer yesterday, and I laid in bed wondering what it was going to be and excited to find out. When I saw Spencer yesterday after the whole event I went up and asked him what his surprise was. His eyes lit up as he told me about the coaches and the football and them signing his dad's shirt. It was exactly what he needed after a grueling week of chemo! You are a gem!!!

Jeannette Rosner

Heather, you won't remember me, but I remember you! I'm Lynn's sister here in South Jordan. This was such a cool post she had to share it with me....and I am now sharing this with you...Our daughter starts to school with the Utes come Fall and so we love that you wore the red (smile). But the reason you wore it was even better. Such a neat experience for both you and your son.


So awesome! And it is true that there are good people wearing RED and good people wearing BLUE - I'm married to one of them.

I LOVE what the coach wote on your shirt!!! It's true... there is still time to repent! LOL!


crying here too! what an amazing event! thanks for sharing!
(yes-please repent!)

Brittany Johnson

I am a MESS but wanted to thank you for sharing this, awesome!! What a NEAT kid and we will for sure keep him in our prayers as well as his family. Love you!!

ps - remember I am a Ute fan and have TONS of shirts you could have borrowed my dear!!


Heather - Amazing! This little boy is such an inspiration to so many people. And I admire you for putting on a Utah shirt because I don't see a day (EVER!) that my husband would proudly wear BYU blue - even though he married a Cougar! I have fun memories of you from BYU - good times!


That is really neat Heather - I have a diehard Ute fan son and I know that would mean the world to him. You are such a neat person and they are blessed to have you as their friend as am I. So Love You! Miss you! Steph

Lori Muse

Awesome Heather!!! You should have called me, I could have hooked you up with a ute shirt. What a cool thing you did for Spencer.

Pam Ruesch

Heather this is so awesome. I am so glad Marisa told us this was all taking place. Thanks for sharing your experience and we wish Spencer the very best. Momma Ruesch

Nikki Peck

Sweet!! You finally came over from the dark side. LOL Totally kidding. I'm the same way, we root for the Y when they're not playing the U. This is so totally awesome that you put this together. I don't know how you're always able to do it, but man you can get it done!!! What an awesome day! And I agree with Coach Whittingham, there's still time to repent! LOL

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