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I'm there for you! That breaks my heart!


Heather, My heart is breaking for Spencer and his family. They have a road ahead of them that no child should have to experience. My close friend's nephew, Carson, has been fighting the Rhabdo Monster for 16 months. His is Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma and it started it a mass in his cheek when he was just 3 1/2 year old. It has been a tough road and he has been such a trooper through it all. I'll add Spencer, his family and the doctors to my prayers.

lynn Crapo

We are in! Thanks for the awesome idea.

We are so sorry to hear this news. We have just a taste of what your friend Holly might be feeling. Our nephew had the same diagnosis when he was Spencer's age. We know what the road looks like that Spencer's family and Spencer himself will be taking this year. It's a very long and hard road. But with support like this.....

Well.......just know that I know it an awesome idea. Thanks for allowing us to participate and help in some small way.

Brent Richards

Hey Spencer! It's your cousin Brent! I just want you to know that I love you buddy. You really are my Superhero. Stay strong buddy and never give up. Love you bro! :)

Michelle Fordham

O my heavens!!! I have heard about this little boy because I work at the school he attends!! My heart broke when some of his classmates told me the story!! Wow...I can't even imagine what his parents are feeling. I will see what I can do about getting cards made by the kids I work with at his school :)

Lori Hall

I'm in tears reading about Spencer here and on his blog. We will do what we can from here...


thank you heather. i can't begin to express the gratitude we feel for you. if you can get an emails from the others who said they have family and friends diagnosed with rhabdo we would love that. all of the spirit lifting we can get helps so much! laughter is the best medicine right?! also thanks for putting a pic of troy and gabriela on your banner, that really lifts my spirit!


Heather- I printed this out to give to all our kids Sunday School teachers along with supplies to make cards- hopefully by Monday I'll have a whole bunch of cards to send to Spencer.
My husband has had cancer twice, and I know that is just an inkling of the pain that a parent experiences when a child is sick.
We will continue to lift up Spencer!


Wow! We will for sure remember him in our prayers and make him some fun cards. Also, Whitney Sinclair (debbie sinclair's daughter) Has a 18 month only little boy who just went through chemo etc...for Rhabdo. Not sure if you are friends with her on facebook, but her email address is***
Also, here is Tray's story on this link

He is doing AMAZING now! Hopefully Whitney will be able to talk to them more about everything! Love you!


ps...with that link, you have to set up an account to be able to get in to look at it. :)


Sending a card today... keep us posted on Spencer!


So I got this info a little late and today is the day the card is supposed to be in the mail. I'd love to put something together for Spence. It will be late.

I love that you found something you could do for Spencer. He will love his class poster.


spencer's banner looks so great! you're awesome!!! i'm so glad holly made his blog so we can all stay informed!
i'm hoping to get in touch with your relief society and see what i can do meal wise/babysitting/etc. if you know anything i can do, please let me know :)

Nate (Spencer's Daddy)

Wow! I am sitting here crying as I read this. Spencer is such a blessed and lucky boy to have great support from you and all those who have touched our lives and will continue to do so over the next year. The road has already been very tough, but with help from the Lord and all of you wonderful people, I know Spencer will pull through and become even stronger than he already is. Thanks again Heather. Tell Kade we would love to have him over to play as soon as possible.

Kristi Hanson

I am sorry I just saw this and missed it. I am trying to organize a "Bike For Spencer" I will be riding the SL Marathon Bike Tour and would love to bike for Spencer. And see if we can raise some funds for the upcoming costs. Would you be willing to help me with this and mabye write up a blog that I can post on mine and maybe yours and Hollys. What do you think my email is my name is Kristi and I went to school with spencers Dad and still friends with him today.

Bon Toy

I was lucky to find your website. I don't have much to add to the conversation, but I'm right here with you. This post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting again.

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