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Heather, I'm dying to try these sweet potatoes! Thanks for sharing! I've been closet listening to Christmas music too. So, today, I've declared it Soundtrack day. Tarzan CD is on right now, just finished Evita. Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat is next in the line-up. But, I couldn't just pull out a few... I had to pull every CD in the house, clean and reorganize them! Two hours later, I'm thinking, I really should be in the kitchen! And then, what do I do? Hit the blogs! BAD SOPHIA! BAD! Anyway, I just wanted to hit a few of my favorite blogs and wish a few of my favorite people a Happy Thanksgiving! YOU happen to be one of those people! Have a great day!

Love, Sophia


this sounds really yummie and I still have to eat so thanks for getting me hungry!!


Kelly Edgerton

Heather, yay for Seneca. She is becoming a good little sleeper. 4+ hours at a time is doable. Enjoy your time with Chas. It will be so nice having him around for the long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.


YUMMY!!!!! They sound absolutely DEVINE!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Heather! I doubt I'll get to try them this Thanksgiving, but hey, who said you could only eat sweet potatos on Thanksgiving, right? :0)

Hope you and your family have a wonderful and special day together celebrating Thanksgiving!! Love ya!!


lynda (simplescrapper)

heather, i was just like u and didn't really find sweet potatos appealing, but sunday @ my sisters house she made some and yum .... i was totally surprised. thanx for the reciepes and the heads up on the ice cream flavors.... but i'll have to pass....remember i have to lose 40lbs.... have a wonder turkey day with your family

Jennifer Stewart

Oh no! Brownie Mud Pie Ice Cream??? I must get some!! :) Happy Thanksgiving, Heather!!



Brownie Mud Pie Ice Cream is one of our favorite ice cream around here. It doesn't last too long in our house. I hope that you and your have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Hey Heather--those are called 'Jason's Sweet Potatoes' at our house! : ) I guess the recipe came from a boyfriend of Kim (DH's cousin) long before I was in the picture--the boy didn't last, but the potatoes did!

Gobble, gobble!


Amy Sorensen

Heather, those are the rolls I make, too. Well, my recipe is a little bit different, and I refrigerate the dough overnight, but the recipe is So close. YUMMY, aren't they? I am going to try those sweet potatoes, even if Turkey day is over. They sound great!

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